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Welcome to the Online Learning Center

The Military Funeral Honors learning center is a specially designed education and training program. The online program modules cover a wide variety of topics most often requested by families and National Guard leadership.
History, Roles and Responsibilities
This module traces the historical evolution from the early beginnings of Memorial Affairs to the current Military Funeral Honors (MFH) Ceremony. Establishment of funeral entitlements for deceased veterans and an overview of an MFH coordinators' primary responsibilities will provide a clear picture of when our military funeral traditions were created and how they became our honors of today.
Operations and Training
Planning and preparation for conducting Military Funerals Honors requires a thorough understanding of the policies, procedures, and responsibilities governing the utilization of ARNG resources in support of MFH for veterans and retirees. Within this module, you will learn how to develop plans and maintain standard operating procedures, organization, training, and execution of the MFH process.
Data Reporting
Tracking MFH data is essential to determine overall program and state funding. By completing this module, you will understand the policies related to MFH data reporting, and you will develop the skills for entering and saving missions into the MFH database.
Funding and Budgeting
The management of money plays a key role in ensuring the success of the MFH process. This module will provide you with the skills to design and develop budgets that will effectively outline your state funding needs and resource requests.